1. Simple Product

    Breathe Right - Nasal Strips, 30pcs

    Special Price: 14,09 €

    Regular Price: 15,65 € -10%

    DRUG FREE. Gently opens nasal passages to: Breathe better, Relieve nasal congestion... Learn More

  2. Simple Product

    Corega - Super, Denture Fixative Cream, 40gr

    Special Price: 5,89 €

    Regular Price: 6,54 € -10%

    COREGA Denture Fixative Cream 1. Clean and dry dentures. 2. Apply fixative cream into small strips as shown in the diagram, not too close to the edges of teeth. 3. Rinse your mouth before inserting dentures. 4. Place the denture in place, hold firmly and bite for a few seconds to ensure proper implementation... Learn More

  3. Simple Product

    Corega Extradent Denture Cleaning Tablets,32tbs

    Special Price: 5,89 €

    Regular Price: 6,54 € -10%

    Cleans and removes stains. The white layer removes stubborn stains and food residue from the dentures and even between the teeth and fights germs and bacteria.... Learn More

  4. Simple Product

    Corega Neutral Denture Adhesive Cream ,40g

    Special Price: 5,89 €

    Regular Price: 6,54 € -10%

    Application:1. Clean and dry the artificial denture.2. Apply the fixative cream in small strips as shown on the diagram, not too close to the edges of teeth.3. Rinse your mouth before inserting the denture... Learn More

  5. Simple Product

    GlaxoSmithkline - Breathe Right - Kids Nasal Strips, 10pcs

    Special Price: 5,63 €

    Regular Price: 6,25 € -10%

    Developed to make it easier for more people to breathe freely. To enjoy a good sleep; to relieve the blocked nose caused by cold and flu; to enhance athletic performance by reducing the amount of energy needed just to breathe. Learn More

  6. Simple Product

    GSK - Parodontax, 75ml

    Special Price: 4,62 €

    Regular Price: 5,13 € -10%

    Parodontax is a sodium bicarbonate based toothpaste that contains natural herbs such as rathania, chamomile, echinacea, mirra, mint and salvia. It is designed to reduce bleeding gums and prevent gingivitis and periodontitis. Parodontax is also available in a mouthwash. Learn More

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