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    Frezyderm - Nipple Care Emollient Cream Gel Softening Cream, 40ml

    Special Price: 11,79 €

    Regular Price: 16,84 € -30%

    Softening cream for care and protection of the nipples. Prepares the nipples and maintains them soft so as the breastfeeding becomes easier and painless... Learn More

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    Frezyderm - Nipple Care Restructuring Cream Gel Restores Nipples, 40ml

    Special Price: 12,07 €

    Regular Price: 17,24 € -30%

    Regenerating cream that restores the nipple from the effects of breastfeeding. Reduces inflammation and accelerate the healing of minor wounds caused by breastfeeding... Learn More

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    Phlips AVENT - Niplette, SCF152/02

    Special Price: 31,49 €

    Regular Price: 44,99 € -30%

    Uses Natural Tissue Expansion to Draw Nipples Out Should Be Worn for 8 Hours Can Be Worn Day or Night Achieve Results Within 1 to 3 Months of Continuous use Safely Use During the First 6 Months of Pregnancy Available Without a Prescription... Learn More

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    Ameda - Store 'N Pour Breast Milk Bags

    Special Price: 17,60 €

    Regular Price: 19,56 € -10%

    Includes Pack of 10 Safety Door Stoppers Manufactured to the highest standards Learn More

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    Dr. Brown's - Breast Shells, 2 shells

    Special Price: 8,06 €

    Regular Price: 10,07 € -20%

    A breast shell to protect irritated nipples and promote breast healing Learn More

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    Nuk - Jolie Manual Breast Pump

    Special Price: 36,49 €

    Regular Price: 40,54 € -10%

    Manual Breast Pump  It combines high performance, soft feel and easy handling The soft silicone cushion with special projections stimulate the flow of breast milk... Learn More

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