1. Simple Product

    miss moxie - mini tamons for light flow, 16pcs

    Special Price: 4,40 €

    Say sayonara to tampons rolling around in your handbag! Learn More

  2. Simple Product

    Moxie - Scanty Panty Liners,24 Pack

    Special Price: 4,00 €

    Scanty Panty Liners are specifically designed to keep you feeling fresh under your clothes in between periods. Individually wrapped for extra protection, each pack comes with a recyclable and re-usable purse-worthy compact with 10 liners inside and 14 extra liners so that you can refill your tin as you need. Scanty Panty Liners are ever so thin you... Learn More

  3. Simple Product

    Moxie - Super Tampons, 16 Pack

    Special Price: 4,44 €

    Moxie Super Tampons are designed for heavy flow and come in two chic and discreet recyclable (and re-usable!) purse-worthy tins. Each pack contains 16 tampons with a Silken Glaze™ coating for easy insertion, a unique clover shaped design for added comfort and protection and a convenient twist open wrapper. Learn More

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