Moya Matcha


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    Moya Matcha - Bamboo Whisk Chasen, 1pcs

    Special Price: 29,00 €

    Traditional bamboo whisk or “chasen” is an indispensable tool of the Japanese matcha tea ceremony.  The fine, handmade prongs are carved out in a single piece of bamboo by craftsmen whose skills are past on from generation to generation... Learn More

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    Moya Matcha - DAILY Organic Japanese green tea, 50gr

    Special Price: 22,50 €

    High quality organic matcha from 2nd & 3rd harvest with strong green tea taste and lingering astringency. Has a stronger and more bitter taste compared to higher grades of matcha. It’s a perfect choice for green tea enthusiasts and ideal ingredient for smoothies, ice-cream and baking. Learn More

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