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    Aboca - Fitomagra Libramed 725mg 138 Tabs For Weight Loss

    Special Price: 31,84 €

    Regular Price: 39,80 € -20%

    For the treatment of overweight and obesity and to reduce the abdominal region... Learn More

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    Aboca - Grintuss Adult Syrup For Cough, 180gr

    Special Price: 11,96 €

    Regular Price: 14,95 € -20%

    Grintuss is a product with honey base and molecular complexes which is protective and therefore soothing to the upper airways. It works in treating dry cough irritation of mucous and cough favoring hydration and elimination of mucus... Learn More

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    Aboca - Grintuss Sirop Pediatric, 180ml

    Special Price: 11,96 €

    Regular Price: 14,95 € -20%

    Grintuss Sirop Pediatric, 180 ml Learn More

  4. Simple Product

    Aboca - LenoDiar Adult For Diarrhea, 20 Caps

    Special Price: 11,04 €

    Regular Price: 13,80 € -20%

    Lenodiar Adult is indicated for the treatment of acute diarrhea. The product reduces diarrheal discharges in terms of bowel function... Learn More

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  6. Simple Product

    Aboca - NeoBianacid Acidity And Reflux, 14 Tabs

    Special Price: 7,85 €

    NeoBianacid Acidity and Reflux is a medical device made from molecular complexes of vegetables and minerals which forms a film on the mucous membrane with a barrier effect, which protects it from contact with gastric juices and irritants... Learn More

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    Aboca - Propol2 EMF Extra-Strength Spray For Throat, 30ml

    Special Price: 12,24 €

    Regular Price: 15,30 € -20%

    Help your body's natural defense and enhance the well-being of your oral cavity, soothing your throat.Ideal during winter, with Propol2 EMF as a key ingredient and high concentration of active ingredients:... Learn More

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    Aboca - Royal Gelly Bio, 40tabs

    Special Price: 12,40 €

    Regular Price: 15,50 € -20%

  9. Simple Product

    Aboca - Sollievo Bio Normal Bowel Function, 45 Tabs

    Special Price: 8,72 €

    Regular Price: 10,90 € -20%

    Sollievo Bio tablets are helpful in helping the bowel function normally.... Learn More

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