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    Miriam Quevedo - PLATINUM & DIAMONDS LUX DROPS, 150ml

    Special Price: 26,40 €

    Regular Price: 33,00 € -20%

    Diamonds & Platinum Drop, with an enveloping effect, caress hair to restore ultra volume hair with extreme silkiness, while enhancing a sensual and unique long-lasting Diamond Shine. They regenerate the electrical balance of hair ... Learn More

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    La Roche-Posay - Kerium Antichute shampoo, 200ml

    Special Price: 12,27 €

    Regular Price: 13,63 € -10%

    La Roche-Posay - Kerium Antichute shampoo, 200ml Learn More

  3. Simple Product

    Klorane - Anti-Age Shampooing d Olivier, 200ml

    Special Price: 6,21 €

    Regular Price: 6,90 € -10%

    Anti-Age Shampooing with olive oil... Learn More

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    Klorane - Volumising Shampoo with Almond Milk, 200ml

    Special Price: 7,12 €

    Regular Price: 8,90 € -20%

    This shampoo combines KLORANE almond milk, with its volume-enhancing properties, and lipopeptides, which coat and restructure the hair to give it more volume... Learn More

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    Klorane - Volume Texture Shampoo, 200ml

    Special Price: 7,28 €

    Regular Price: 9,10 € -20%

    Volume & Texture Shampoo, 200ml Fine Limp Hair... Learn More

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    Klorane - Baume Apres-Shampooing Aux Fibres De Lin Volume Conditioner With Flax Fiber, 200ml

    Special Price: 8,48 €

    Regular Price: 10,60 € -20%

    Thanks to its composition without a weight factor, this softening cream instantly cleanses the hair and offers grip by filling the hair from root to tip... Learn More

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    Klorane - Dry Shampoo Without Water Natural Beige Color, 150ml

    Special Price: 9,44 €

    Regular Price: 11,80 € -20%

    Since 1971, Dry shampoo of KLORANE Shampoo without water restores cool and lightness to hair between two shampoos by a unique combination of oat emulsion with emollient and protective properties and microscopic powders with very high absorption capacity... Learn More

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