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    Pharmasept - Tol velvet, Intensive Hand Cream, 75ml

    Special Price: 6,05 €

    Regular Price: 7,56 € -20%

    Special protective cream with regenerative, keratolytic properties and anti-aging effects - Restructures, moisturizes.... Learn More

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    Target Pharma - Hydrovit Hand Cream 100ml

    Special Price: 10,07 €

    Regular Price: 11,19 € -10%

    Cream for extra moisture on the skin with keratolytic effect  Learn More

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    Eubos - Hand Cream, 50ml

    Special Price: 4,17 €

    Regular Price: 4,91 € -15%

    Invisible Gloves for Hand Basic Protection      ( Preservative-Free, Dye-free, Lanolin-free, Without PEG ) Learn More

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    Apivita - HAND CARE Intensive Moisturizing Hand Cream with Rich Texture with Hyaluronic Acid & Honey, 50ml

    Special Price: 7,00 €

    Intensive moisturizing cream that maintains hands naturally hydrated, while at the same time it nourishes and protects skin... Learn More

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    Apivita - HAND CARE Moisturizing Hand Cream with Light Texture with Jasmine & Propolis, 50ml

    Special Price: 6,00 €

    Moisturizing cream that maintains natural hydration and moisturizes hands and nails, while leaving skin soft and lightly scented with jasmine notes... Learn More

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    Apivita - HAND CARE Hand Cream for Dry-Chapped Hands with Concentrated Texture with Hypericum (St. John's wort) & Beeswax, 50ml

    Special Price: 7,00 €

    A rich texture cream that restores lost hydration, moisturizes intensively, heals cracks and improves skin texture, while at the same time it protects from free radicals... Learn More

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    Apivita - HAND CARE Mild Hand Wash with Grapefruit & Propolis, 300ml

    Special Price: 7,80 €

    Mild hand soap that gently cleanses without causing irritations, while at the same time it protects and maintains the skin’s natural hydration... Learn More

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    Apivita - HAND CARE Moisturizing Hand and Body Lotion with Grapefruit & Honey, 300ml

    Special Price: 9,80 €

    Light lotion that can be used daily to moisturize and soften both hands and body, while protecting from irritations and premature aging... Learn More

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    Frezyderm - Dermofilia Hand Cream, 75ml

    Special Price: 14,06 €

    Regular Price: 18,75 € -25%

    Protective hand cream with double action: Special composition with hydrophobic and hydrophilic components. It ensures protection from adverse environmental factors and treat skin problems such as dryness, roughness, etc... Learn More

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    Mey - Deep Smoothing Lotion, 125ml

    Special Price: 31,63 €

    Regular Price: 35,15 € -10%

    Scrub solution ( with 10% AHA & BHA) intensive care and cell renewal for rough and dry skin , acne scars discoloration, signs of aging... Learn More

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