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    Gehwol - Gehwol Footbath

    Special Price: 9,53 €

    Regular Price: 11,21 € -15%

    Foot Bath With balsamic herbal oils.Alleviates aching feet, revitalises tired feet. ... Learn More

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    Gehwol - Rosemary Bath Salt, 250gr

    Special Price: 8,99 €

    Regular Price: 10,58 € -15%

    A bath with GEHWOL Bath Salts cleanses softly and thoroughly, stimulates the circulation, revitalizes and strengthens the skin with the natural power of the oil of rosemary... Learn More

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    intermed - Diabetel Foot Bath, 200ml

    Special Price: 7,26 €

    Regular Price: 9,07 € -20%

    Gentle cleansing liquid DIABETEL Foot Bath is a specially designed for cleansing liquid for footbath, which due to its composition protects and cares for the skin of the feet of diabetic patients, without irritating and dries it.... Learn More

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    Gehwol - Gehwol Cream Footbath, 150ml

    Special Price: 9,03 €

    Regular Price: 10,63 € -15%

     Refreshing and revitalising bath concentrate.With spike lavender and lavender.Gehwol Cream Footbath contains precious active ingredients and substances, which help tired, aching, and strained feet to feel good. Learn More

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