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    Pharmasept - Flogo, Calm cream, 50ml

    Special Price: 6,13 €

    Regular Price: 7,66 € -20%

    Special healing cream for Thermal, Solar and Chemical skin burns. Allergens/Parabens free - Restructures, nurses and moisturizes the skin, softens the tissue, and limits the extent of the burn... Learn More

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    Frezyderm - Proflamine Cream, 40ml

    Special Price: 14,62 €

    Regular Price: 19,50 € -25%

    Proflamine Cream is used to regenerate skin after solar, thermal or chemical burns, injury, irritation, and after cosmetic surgery. Its rich composition hydrates your skin surface but also in depth and strengthens its elasticity... Learn More

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    Korres - Beeswax Balm with St. John's wort oil, 40ml

    Special Price: 8,64 €

    Regular Price: 10,80 € -20%

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