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    Physiomer - Baby Mist, 60ml

    Special Price: 7,49 €

    Regular Price: 9,99 € -25%

    PHYSIOMER Baby Mist is appropriate for your baby's delicate nose, from the moment s/he is born. PHYSIOMER Baby Mist cleanses, moisturises and clears the nasal fossae. It is also ideal for small children up to the age of 2... Learn More

  2. Simple Product

    Physiomer - Baby Unidoses, 30x 5ml

    Special Price: 5,24 €

    Regular Price: 6,99 € -25%

    Give your newborn baby nothing but the best from the very start. PHYSIOMER Unidoses! PHYSIOMER Unidoses cleanse, moisturise and clear the nasal fossae: they are the must-have solution for gently cleansing baby's tiny nose, nostrils and eyelids... Learn More

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