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    Somatoline - Man, 150ml

    Special Price: 31,86 €

    Regular Price: 39,82 € -20%

    The Tummy and Abdomen Intensive Night Treatment is an innovative cosmetic cream specifically studied for fighting the typical men adiposity localized on the waist area, tummy and love handles... Learn More

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    Vichy - Homme Hydra Mac C Καθαρίζει και Ξυπνάει το Σώμα 200ml

    Special Price: 8,48 €

    Regular Price: 9,98 € -15%

    The combination of Magnesium and glycosylated Vitamin C recharges your skin with energy... Learn More

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    Apivita - SUNCARE Protective Hair Oil with Sunflower & Abyssinian oil, 150ml

    Special Price: 15,05 €

    Regular Price: 21,50 € -30%

    The sunflower oil and the combination of sun protection filters protects and preserves Learn More

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    Apivita - SUNCARE Sunscreen Face & Body Milk SPF50 with Propolis & Sea Lavender, 150ml

    Special Price: 17,15 €

    Regular Price: 24,50 € -30%

    Sunscreen face and body milk cream (SPF 30 and UVA 16) with patented propolis that combats photoaging. Ideal for more resistant skin that gets tanned fairly easily. HYPOALLERGENIC - WATER RESISTANTALCOHOL-SILICONE FREE... Learn More

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    Hawkins & Brimble - body wash with elemi & ginseng, 250ml

    Special Price: 9,85 €

    Regular Price: 10,95 € -10%

    Start the day looking and feeling fresh with the new Body Wash from Hawkins & Brimble. With the refreshing scent of Elemi and Ginseng, this energising Body Wash will ensure you are ready to face the day... Learn More

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    Frezyderm - Body Shower Revitalizing Cleanser, 200ml

    Special Price: 11,34 €

    Regular Price: 15,12 € -25%

    Gentle body cleanser for daily showers, especially for sensitive or irritated skin. Cares for dry, dehydrated skin and relieves from itching. Its active ingredients reduce irritations, hydrate and increase the skin resistance... Learn More

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