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    Vichy - Vichy Homme, Anti-Irritation Shave Foam, 200ml

    Special Price: 8,14 €

    Regular Price: 9,58 € -15%

    Vichy Homme Anti-Irritation Shaving Foam is specially designed for the sensitive or problem skins.It contains neither fragrance nor alcohol. Formulated with protective calcium and Cg purifying vitamin, it has... Learn More

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    Apivita - MENS CARE After Shave Balm with balsam & propolis, 100ml

    Special Price: 13,69 €

    Regular Price: 19,56 € -30%

    97% natural ingredients Offers a unique sensation of freshness and helps sooth skin after shaving due to the inclusion of balsam, calendula, chamomile and sambucus extracts ... Learn More

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    Apivita - Men's Care - Eau De Toilette, Mens fragrance scented ,100ml

    Special Price: 28,44 €

    Regular Price: 40,63 € -30%

    Men's Care Eau de Toilette With 7 essential oils: cedar, cardamom, lemon, orange, mandarin, bergamot and sage. With organic alcohol from grain... Learn More

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    Vichy - Vichy Homme, Deodorante Anti-transpirante 72h ,50ml

    Special Price: 8,57 €

    Regular Price: 10,08 € -15%

    Vichy Homme Intense Regulation Roll-on Deodorant gets an immediate feeling of freshness and is effective during 48h. It regulates excessive perspiration without blocking the natural process. Alcohol-free.Indication :Perspiration of the armpits. All types of skins. Learn More

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    Hawkins & Brimble - Gift set with shaving cream & shaving brush 100ml

    Special Price: 26,96 €

    Regular Price: 29,95 € -10%

    Our Shaving Cream is the perfect remedy for a close, smooth shave. Our Cream will create a high quality lather and leaves the skin moisturised and soft after a good shave... Learn More

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    Apivita - Gentle Shaving Cream with Hypericum (St. John's wort) & Propolis, 100ml

    Special Price: 9,31 €

    Regular Price: 13,30 € -30%

    Gentle cream for a deep, smooth shave. Does not irritate, relieves instantaneously from razor burn and has an uplifting effect... Learn More

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