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    A.Vogel - Urticalcin tab, 600 Tablets

    Special Price: 16,50 €

    Regular Price: 19,41 € -15%

    Silicea is a substance most often associated with strong hair and nails and can be taken in the form of tablets or gels. It is found in Urticalcin, a combination of stinging nettle herb, silicea, calcium and sodium salts. Learn More

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    A.Vogel - Vitaforce, 200ml

    Special Price: 20,05 €

    Regular Price: 23,59 € -15%

    100% organic multivitamin formula of concentrated nutritious super-food "natural" energy, stamina and wellbeing Multivitamin tonic preparation rehabilitation 100% natural ingredients From concentrated bioactive ingredients from certified organic cultivation It contains natural vitamin E. Energy Wellness Resistance Learn More

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    Power Health - Classics – Prostalive, Food supplement for prostate health, 30 capsules

    Special Price: 14,37 €

    Regular Price: 19,15 € -25%

    Food supplement for prostate health with pumpkin seeds, saw palmetto, lycopene and pomegranate. It contains a combination of traditional plants such as pumpkin, serenoa and nettle root, which contribute to normal prostate function... Learn More

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    Power Health - Classics – Veinlegs, “heavy” legs, 30 capsules

    Special Price: 11,93 €

    Regular Price: 15,90 € -25%

    Food supplement which relieves from the feeling of “heavy” legs and promotes vascular health in the lower extremities. With red vine leaves, horse chestnut and sweet clover. Learn More

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