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    Frezyderm - Hair Force Shampoo Men 200ml

    Special Price: 10,44 €

    Regular Price: 14,92 € -30%

    FREZYDERM HAIR FORCE SHAMPOO MEN 20 ml Hair-strengthening shampoo, specially formulated for men... Learn More

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    Apivita - MENS CARE After Shave Balm with balsam & propolis, 100ml

    Special Price: 14,67 €

    Regular Price: 19,56 € -25%

    97% natural ingredients Offers a unique sensation of freshness and helps sooth skin after shaving due to the inclusion of balsam, calendula, chamomile and sambucus extracts ... Learn More

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    Apivita - Men's Care Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Fatigue Face and Eye Cream, 50ml

    Special Price: 21,70 €

    Regular Price: 28,93 € -25%

    96% natural ingredients Beech tree extract reduces the depth and size of facial and eye wrinkles up to 10.14% ... Learn More

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    Apivita - Mens Care, Shampoo & Body Wash, with cardamom & propolis, 250ml

    Special Price: 7,64 €

    Regular Price: 10,18 € -25%

    88% natural ingredients Saponaria and mild detergent agents gently cleanses without irritating ... Learn More

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  6. Simple Product

    Apivita - Men's Care - Eau De Toilette, Mens fragrance scented ,100ml

    Special Price: 30,47 €

    Regular Price: 40,63 € -25%

    Men's Care Eau de Toilette With 7 essential oils: cedar, cardamom, lemon, orange, mandarin, bergamot and sage. With organic alcohol from grain... Learn More

  7. Simple Product

    Vichy - Vichy Homme, Deodorante Anti-transpirante 72h ,50ml

    Special Price: 9,07 €

    Regular Price: 10,08 € -10%

    Vichy Homme Intense Regulation Roll-on Deodorant gets an immediate feeling of freshness and is effective during 48h. It regulates excessive perspiration without blocking the natural process. Alcohol-free.Indication :Perspiration of the armpits. All types of skins. Learn More

  8. Simple Product

    Vichy - Vichy Homme, Anti-Irritation Shave Foam, 200ml

    Special Price: 8,62 €

    Regular Price: 9,58 € -10%

    Vichy Homme Anti-Irritation Shaving Foam is specially designed for the sensitive or problem skins.It contains neither fragrance nor alcohol. Formulated with protective calcium and Cg purifying vitamin, it has... Learn More

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    Vichy - Homme Hydra Mac C Καθαρίζει και Ξυπνάει το Σώμα 200ml

    Special Price: 8,98 €

    Regular Price: 9,98 € -10%

    The combination of Magnesium and glycosylated Vitamin C recharges your skin with energy... Learn More

  10. Simple Product

    Somatoline - Man, 150ml

    Special Price: 27,87 €

    Regular Price: 39,82 € -30%

    The Tummy and Abdomen Intensive Night Treatment is an innovative cosmetic cream specifically studied for fighting the typical men adiposity localized on the waist area, tummy and love handles... Learn More

  11. Simple Product

    Apivita - SUNCARE Protective Hair Oil with Sunflower & Abyssinian oil, 150ml

    Special Price: 16,13 €

    Regular Price: 21,50 € -25%

    The sunflower oil and the combination of sun protection filters protects and preserves Learn More

  12. Simple Product

    korres - set CEDAR Men's Colour Treatment - natural dark grey 4.0, 100ml

    Special Price: 9,52 €

    Regular Price: 11,90 € -20%

    Korres Cedar Men's Hair Colour treatment, natural dark grey 4.0 Korres Cedar Men's Hair Balm contains: A) 1 Dye tube 40 ml,  B) 1 enable colour emulsion 60ml ... Learn More

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